Include Vegetables and Fresh Fruits in Your Diet:

In Summer, you will get a lot of seasonable vegetables and fresh fruits. These fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre. It keeps the system free from the risk of constipation and bloating gas. Having a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables will keep your bowel clear.

Have Frequent and Smaller Meals:

Eating heavy meals in summer can cause burden on your digestive system. It is always best to have small meals frequently. It allows the digestive system to remain in a good and healthy condition without creating any pressure.

Say No to Spicy Food:

To make your meal better, you would definitely try to grab those spicy chicken wings for lunch or evening snack. That is okay for your taste bud, but will your digestive system be happy with it? Probably No! Try avoiding spicy food in hot summer days and it can cause burning sensations and you get acidity and heartburn.

Limit Your Intake of Caffeine:

Hot beverages like coffee increases the temperature of your body during summer. It can create a lining on your digestive track and lead to bloating gas issues.

Try to Avoid Cold Beverages:

Drinking a chilled glass of soda can be heart melting during scorching heat. But relaxing your body heat for the time being can cost your health. Carbonated drinks like cold drink or soda can offset the enzymes in your stomach. The results will be acid reflux and indigestion. Think before opening the fridge and taking one sip!

Hydrate Yourself Properly:

This is the best way to keep your digestive system healthy during summers. Drinking adequate amount of water is very important. This helps in releasing bloating gas and also healing constipation. Try drinking 3-3.5 liters water a day.

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