The following tips might help alleviate the baby’s digestive system issues while also improving the baby’s overall digestion.

  • Breastfeed the baby until they are six months old.
  • Burp the baby after every feed.
  • Give some tummy time every day when the baby is awake.
  • If you are lactating, avoid smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs, which may increase the chance of causing colic in babies.
  • Give a gentle tummy massage to the baby. Lukewarm compresses with a towel or hot water bag might also help in digesting food.
  • When the baby starts solids, start with only one type of food at a time. Introduce other varieties after a few days once the baby is well-settled to the existing ones. It will help determine any food allergies and give the baby’s tummy enough time to grow accustomed to the new food.
  • Give a balanced diet to the baby when he/she starts eating solids. Fruits, vegetable broths, purees, and soups are good food options. A balanced diet can help prevent conditions such as constipation.
  • Avoid giving junk food and fried food to babies.

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