There are many different ways to incorporate this digestive superfood into your holiday dishes. Oats are an easy way to add digestive benefits to your mealtime, from warming up to a bowl of oatmeal in the morning or adding oats to banana bread or other baked goods. Oats are full of prebiotics that can help keep your gut health balanced and your digestion on track.


After the autumn harvest of apples, it’s likely to see them as the main ingredient in a variety of holiday dishes. Apples are full of fiber, making them one of the best foods for digestion, but what sets this fruit apart from other fiber-containing produce is the specific type of fiber it contains. Pectin, the fiber found in apples, is gentler on the stomach than other forms of fiber and has also been shown to provide protective benefits for the lining of the gut.


While not technically a food, water is key to our digestion and our overall health. Water intake typically decreases during the winter months, leaving us dehydrated and with sluggish digestive systems. Keep your digestive system and your other bodily systems running smoothly by maintaining regular and adequate water intake.


Broccoli, especially when steamed or roasted, makes for the perfect side dish at a holiday gathering, and when you prioritize your vegetable consumption, your digestive system will thank you. Broccoli has been linked to better diversity of microbiota in the gut, and overall better digestive health, making it one of the key players on your holiday dinner table.


You can find beans in all sorts of holiday dishes, from green beans to bean dips and bean soups. Not only are beans high in fiber content, but they also promote nutrient absorption in the bloodstream while protecting against toxins. All of these benefits contribute to gut health and improved digestion.

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